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Q1: I can't connect to my friend's game. When I press 'JOIN GAME' I just see the '...TRYING TO CONNECT...' notice. What the heck is going on?

A1: Make sure you have you entered the correct password if one is required. Remember also that you must allow DEATHPIT 3000 through your firewall. To do this in Windows, follow these steps:

  1. Press the 'Windows' key

  2. Type 'firewall' then press Enter

  3. Click 'Allow an app or feature through Windows Firewall'

  4. Click on 'Change Settings' on the top-right of the window (this allows you to make changes to your settings)

  5. Find 'DEATHPIT 3000' and tick the Private box (the default option should work fine), then press 'OK'

- - - - -​

Q2: I'm having performance issues. Help!

A3: If you're having performance issues, please click on 'SETTINGS' in the main menu and turn off 'DYNAMIC LIGHTS'. Then turn on the 'FPS COUNTER' and start a match. If you're getting less than 30fps, hit 'Esc' then 'SETTINGS' and turn off 'CAMERA FX'. If you're still getting less than 30fps then please send us a bug report to detailing your hardware specifications, and if possible a copy of the 'output_log' file found in C:\Users\(USERNAME)\AppData\LocalLow\Cyberlamb Studios\DEATHPIT 3000. You are of course free to request a refund - please refer to Steam's refund policy for more information.

- - - - -

Q3: Why can't I aim/shoot using my laptop's trackpad?

A4: You'll need to disable a feature on your trackpad which is designed to deactivate it while typing on the keyboard. How to do this will depend on your brand of laptop, but look for something like 'palm rejection' or 'PalmCheck'. To find your mouse settings in Windows, follow these steps:

  1. Press the 'Windows' key

  2. Type 'mouse'

  3. Click on 'Additional mouse options'. This should bring up a dialogue with settings relevant to your hardware.

- - - - -

Q4: Everything in the shop is locked! Why can't I buy anything?

A5: Simply complete rounds to unlock shiny new items and life-saving upgrades. Check out the Unlock Tree in-game: either choose 'UNLOCK TREE' in the database or in the lobby so see what you get for completing each round.

- - - - -

Q5: Text gets all messed up on 2k or 4k screens.

A6: Simply choose a resolution up to 1080p in the game's settings menu.

- - - - -

Q6: Why do I keep dying? Why is this so hard?

A7: Make use of your Quantum Abilities, upgrade your Endurance and weapons, throw grenades, lay mines, build walls and turrets, and above all, work with your teammates - a clone which fights alone, dies alone. Check out our developer playthrough video of the Darkside Final below.

- - - - -

Q7: Why do I never die? Why is this so easy?

A8: Either you have mastered the art of Deathpitting, or our balance is off. If you feel this is the case we would love to hear your feedback (email us directly at or fill the form below) as we are always looking to improve our games.

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