Cyberlamb Studios is a Unity Certified freelance development team producing independent and commissioned games and apps for desktop and mobile.

DEATHPIT3000 Title

"looks great – reminds me of Total Carnage and Smash TV"

John Romero

Tappy Quest: a turn-based pocket adventure RPG for Android

Fight monsters, cast spells, mine resources and craft items as you guide 'Monty' through randomly-generated biomes! 

Game programming, art and development by Ned Birkin.

Breathing App (health-based educational games): Mobile & Web

We have been working closely with who develop free and open source games, devices, and distributed databases to promote respiratory health and prevent asthma, cystic fibrosis, and other chronic respiratory diseases in children.

Pilo (meditation app): Android & iOS

A guided meditation app commissioned by TECH'R which communicates with a custom designed and 3D printed external vibration unit using an Arduino & bluetooth.

Global Game Jam 2018: PC

Cyberlamb Studios, Filippo Tarpini and Jacob Clark created 'I work for a cable company' in 48 hours as part of the Global Game Jam 2018 in Wrexham's Glyndwr University.

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