June 8, 2017

It's official - Deathpit has been Greenlit! It is one of the LAST EVER games to achieve the title before Valve replaces the system with Steam Direct.

Thank you to everybody who voted for us! We will be submitting the final build to Steam as soon as we can, after which there is a mandatory submission period of one month before the game goes live.

Watch this space...

May 31, 2017

We have now submitted DEATHPIT 3000 to Steam Greenlight! If you'd like to see this game available on Steam, then please vote for us! Follow the link below to vote :)

March 1, 2017

At the end of February, the boys at Cyberlamb Studios took part in a charitable games jam hosted by Canada's Breathing Games at Geneva's LiftLab convention. They volunteer to develop games which help children who suffer from respiratory diseases.

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